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    Jaguar F-Type


    The hard top version of the Jaguar F-Type Convertible, which bucked the usual trend and launched first. You can blame America: it’s the biggest Jaguar F-Type market and they demanded the drop-top first. So got it.

    The Coupe launched in 2014, looking more like a modern-day E-Type than the roadster F does. Which is to say it looks absolutely belting. It received a light update in 2017, with an oh so subtle restyling and a new engine option.

    That’s a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo – yep, even big lairy Jags aren’t safe from downsizing – and if you spec no options at all, means you can buy an F-Type for less than £50,000.

    Happily, the four-cylinder doesn’t arrive at the expense of the F-Type’s bigger, more characterful engines. So there are supercharged V6 engines with 335bhp, 375bhp or 395bhp, which get two round central exhausts to visually differentiate them from the four-cylinder and its single central pipe.

    See an F-Type with four exhaust pipes, though – two at each end of the bumper – and it’s running a V8. You’ve two to choose from: the 542bhp F-Type R and the 567bhp F-Type SVR. They’re all-wheel drive only, and all the better for it, finally able to put their power to use in a way earlier, RWD V8 F-Types couldn’t. And the SVR is the first Jag since the XJ220 to officially top 200mph, too.

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